Money Saving Tips For Traveling During Holidays Plus Some AirBNB Discount Coupons For You

So many people travel for important holidays. Because of this traveling during holidays usually cost higher, much higher that you may be quite disappointed with the cost of it and just postpone your travel at all. However, we are here to help. There are great ways you can save money when traveling during holidays. Here are some of them.

Tip #1: If you know you will be traveling in a certain holiday date, book your travel arrangements early, months early or even a year early if possible. You don’t want to be stuck without a way to get where you want to be for the holidays due to everything being sold out. You also want to take your time to compare prices.

Tip #2: You will find some travel dates should simply be avoided around the holidays. This will allow you to avoid crowds which often equal substantial delays. You will also be able to get the same travel arrangements at a lower price. Avoid peak days such as Friday and Saturday. And try to travel around Wednesday or Thursday. You may not think that Valentine’s Day is a top travel holiday but it is. It is very important for people to be able to spend this holiday together. Since Presidents Day is very close to Valentine’s Day many people are able to take a long weekend. Avoid traveling during this Monday holiday and you will save money. Instead fly out in the next few days and then stay for a couple of days after Valentine’s Day instead of before. Avoid travel on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day as they are two of the most popular travel dates of the year. Fares are often double what they normally would be so you will save yourself plenty of money and delays if you work around them when you travel for the holidays.

Tip #3: Traveling on the actual day of the holiday will also save you money as most people always travel before the holiday comes. This way you can arrive on their special day and hang out for several days. Your return trip should be for one of the weekdays following the holiday instead of on the weekend. Thanksgiving for example is a common holiday that people travel for. Since it always falls on a Thursday, most people get an extended weekend and start traveling on Monday so they can go visit for a few days or take a vacation. However, if you are willing to travel on Thanksgiving Day itself you can avoid the crowds. You can arrive just in time for Thanksgiving and just spend the later days vacationing. You will also find you save up to 50% of the price of getting there just by waiting less than 24 hours.

Tip #4: Whatever holiday there is, remember to look for travel coupons to help you save money. Travel coupons are available online anytime of the year so you can take advantage of them. There are travel coupons for flight miles, accommodation booking, travel packages and just about anything on traveling. Just take a look at this AirBNB coupon that we’ve found at AirBNB is the best site for different types of vacation rentals. From cabins to country homes to unique vacation rentals like tree houses and castles, they got it all for you. Use the AirBNB coupon to get as much as 50% off your vacation rental booking.

What to Wear to Beat the Heat and Be Fashionable This Summer


As the summer is fast approaching, the anticipated dilemma on how to beat the heat and be fashionable during this time has become popular. Provided that wearing skimpy may sound comfortable, wearing tight clothings are way hotter. On top of that, skimpy clothes may leave your skin at the pity of the sun without the relief from its harmful rays. But, there are ways to beat the heat without sacrificing fashion.

This may seem odd to layer during summer months, layers can help you maintain a stylish look without sacrificing yourself from the hotness of the sun. Opt for a first layer form-fitting made from a comfortable material. Top this layer with sheer top along with the details. To cover inappropriate parts that would demonstrate through the sheer top, the layers close to the skin would help, while allowing the second layer’s design to shine through visibly. In this way, the sheer top would allow more coverage from the sun without dressing overly.

Girls love chic and branded apparels. A cute cotton top paired with a pair of trendy scarf and leggings would best suit the warmness of the summer weather. But, lovely dresses are not a bad idea either. Below are the best illustrations of the apparels to wear during summer.

· Bright and floral dresses: Most people agree that the idea of dresses begins with birhgt and floral dresses. The solid colors and darker shades make the way for lighter shades. More often than not, this type of apparel is fabricated with cotton to keep you cool even in the hot temperatures. The dresses are not designed for occasions and causal events, but flexible for different occasions. When you choose a summer dress, always consider your body shape.
· Flirty Jumpsuit: This type of summer apparel is designed for girls who chase fashion. Just like other fashion, the flirty jumpsuit is a flirty and fun dress. One reason why many people looked up to flirty jumpsuit is the stress free idea of matching the apparel separately. Furthermore, these can be availed in different patterns and shapes to suit all shapes of bodies.
· Tanks and shorts: Basically, these types of apparels are just simple but have never gone out of fashion. Furthermore, a person wearing it will have more opportunity to try out other accessories. When you want this outfit to appear a hippie look, you need to add a boho hairband and fringed bag.

Fashion Accessories
Add accessories to your outfit with beautiful necklaces, trendy sunglasses, funky hats, latest fashion belts and stylish scarves. Join forces your with short and skirts dresses with accentuating scarves and belts. Wear a matching hat along with your trouser and shirt to obtain a lively look for the occasion.

The shoes you wear are very important. Look for trendy and fancy footwear that will not give you a hard time walking on it. This is because you’ll probably do a lot of walking this summer. Wedges and flats are all the rage.

All this summer outfits you can get online. Online shopping has always been the most favorite mode of shopping for most people as it is convenient, affordable and hassle free. With just one click of a mouse, you will get everything you need not only that, online coupons and discounts are always available online because online stores have a lower overhead cost to run their businesses than brick and mortat stores so they can lower their prices. Just check out this karmaloop coupon code free shipping we saw at – fashion coupon site. Take advantage of online shopping to beat the heat and be fashionable this summer!

Why Shopping is a Big No No While Traveling In A Budget

If you are traveling within a budget, there are only three things you need to worry about. Food, Lodging and Transportation. If you have enough money for these three alone, then I assure you that your travel experience would be enjoyable enough. Be reminded that shopping is not in the list (and so does partying). In fact, I even do not recommend you spend money in it at all. Yes, traipsing through markets and bazaars can be a fun and integral part of travel, but if you are within a budget, I suggest you abstain from actually buying anything in the majority of cases and just window shop. Here’s why:

You Bought It But You Don’t Need It
Travelers tend to shop for things they barely need when traveling. Like cute painted masks or their hundredth pair of socks and bags. I know because there had been points in my travel life when I’m like, “Hey that’s cute! Here’s my money, take it”. When shopping while traveling you need to ask the question, how many times will you use this item in the next month? If the answer doesn’t come immediately, don’t buy it. You simply don’t need it.

Products are overpriced
When locals notice that you are a tourist, they tend to overpriced things up because they know you got the cash. Some sellers would want to get as much money out of you as possible. So try not to shop. If you would, make sure you haggle and would buy the thing in a much lower price.

Remember Your Luggage Space
The more crap you buy when you travel, the more chance there is you’ll have to buy a new piece of luggage. Some travelers even opt ship items home, which adds another layer of cost and complication to your trip. If you are not one of those really rich travelers who travel in Paris just to shop, then keeping your luggage light – and ideally, of carry-on size – would do you well.

Memories and Pictures Last Longer
Many people counter traditional arguments against shopping while traveling by claiming that they need to give gifts to family and friends. Just as experiences and memories are more important to travel than fancy hotels, luxurious nightlife or extravagant meals, experiential souvenirs — namely photos — make a much more poignant, permanent impact on your loved ones that goods you buy and pay for. Anyway, traveling is not just about shopping. It’s about the experiences and encounters.

It is fun to shop while you travel, and bring home little trinkets, goodies, and gifts for your friends and family. However, sometimes shopping while traveling means looking through piles or worthless junk you bought and spend money on which you’ll later regret. That is why I strongly discouraged shopping while traveling. It’s better to shop at your local malls or better yet shop online.

Travel Coupons For You

If you can’t stop yourself though, then at least do some money saving tips while traveling so you’ll have extra money to spend in shopping. Start by using these travel coupons for your advantage.

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Tips and Tricks on Using

We’ve found some great coupon codes at our friends at and we want to share it with you guys. is a genealogy website that had been helping people traces their ancestors for over a decade now. They are known to have the largest collection of records such as birth certificates, marriage, death, census, news archive and many more. Gone are the days where you need to go from one place to another just to get records, with tracing your ancestors is so much easier. These coupons are your chance to build your family tree and trace your ancestors at a discounted price. And who knows you can uncover mysteries along the way or discover that your ancestors are famous people.

To help you on your way to tracing your ancestors and building your family tree, here are tips and tricks that you can use at

Use Name Filters
The search technology used by has advanced features like the name filter that you should not be afraid to use. Using the normal setting, you can probably get so many results that it is hard to verify and check each one of them. So use the name filters to shake up the results you are seeing and see only the closest possible results. With name filters you can choose to search for exact matches lonely, similar names, wrong spellings and more.

Use the Wildcards Function
Not sure how to spell your ancestors name? Know that your ancestors named had been spelled several ways? Or let’s face it, those people who are doing census home to home, they are only humans, and they may have spelled your ancestors name incorrectly. You might want to try wildcards then to help cover all the variants of a name. Put an * and the search directory will read it as adding one or more characters in your search eg John* it will come up with results such as Johns or Johnson or Johnny. Use a question mark to match one character only eg Sm?th would return results for Smith or Smyth. Make a list of all the variants you know of for your ancestor’s name and create a list of wildcard solutions that will cover those variants.

Get Closer
When you’re searching from the main search form on the home page or the search tab, so much information can come up that it will be hard to fathom it. So sometimes it’s helpful to get closer to the collections you think your ancestor may be found in and search it directly. Like if you know the place where your ancestors reside, then go to Place Pages and click on the search tab and scroll down to the map in the lower left corner of the page. Select a state from the map and you’ll be taken to a page that summarized the collections that are available for that place.

Use the Card Catalog
Another great resource of is the Card catalog. Similar to a card catalog you’d find in a library, you will be searching for collections rather than people. Like the collections of local newspapers for a certain area in a certain decade or century. This is very helpful especially for those who are not sure what their ancestors exact name are and just searching through the records to find a match.

There are many ways to trace your ancestors with Experiment and have fun!

What You Can Get With Our Online Coupons

There are many ways for people to save money when shopping online. Things like shopping at a free delivery site or joining affiliate systems or taking advantage of store wide sales are some of the few ways. However, the best way to save money online is to use online coupons. Traditional coupons and online coupons work almost the same. You’ll get a piece of information, stub or some sort of a code that you will show to the retailer or the provider of the service and then they will give you instant discounts. The advantages of online coupons is that they are easier to find because they are just everywhere. People with busy schedules are quite taken by the time saving opportunities of using online coupons

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